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United Way of West Alabama seeks to determine the needs of the West Alabama community and through the support of community volunteers and donors works to solve those needs for positive changes within the West Alabama community.

United Way of West Alabama is...

  • A Community Sponsored Organization - Its function is to raise much needed funds for services at its 25 partner service agencies. United Way of West Alabama operates under the direction of a 30 member Board of Directors who represent a cross-section of West Alabama citizens.
  • A Volunteer Organization - A team of over 800 volunteers help to raise and distribute funds to our local agencies and initiatives. Under the Board of Directors, each member agency of United Way must be verified as a non-profit organization, governed by volunteers, receive an annual audit, and provide a needed community service.
  • A Cost Effective Organization - Because of the dedication and hard work of volunteers, administrative and fund-raising costs are kept low. Approximately $.87 of each dollar goes into service with less than fourteen percent going to administrative costs.
  • An Easy Way to Help - Because your tax deductible contribution can be made through payroll deduction, no bill comes to you. There are no checks to write, but you know you have helped!
  • A Service Organization Responsive to Community Needs - Determination of member agencies is made by volunteers who investigate and discover the services provided are needed in the West Alabama community. United Way agencies are familiar to most of us. They are agencies which provide help for the terminally ill and their families; agencies which provide one-to-one adult companionship to children of single parent families; and agencies which work to meet emergency needs of citizens in the West Alabama area. These are just some of the many services community donations make possible.
  • A Year Round Service Provider - A contribution to United Way is a long-term commitment to West Alabama and its citizens. It is a commitment to the volunteers who give their time and talent to United Way as well as the 25 partner service agencies and two initiatives. A contribution to United Way is a commitment to friends, neighbors, and loved ones throughout West Alabama who receive services from United Way's member agencies and initiatives. A contribution to United Way is a commitment to and a belief in our community and ourselves.
  • A One Time Opportunity to Help - Though you are asked to give only once during the year, the combination of community funds gathered goes into programs which continue to assist West Alabama citizens every day of the year!

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The minimum donation is $10.
All donations are subject to a 3.99% transaction processing fee, $1 minimum.


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