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United Way of Greater McHenry County enhances the quality of life for those in need in local communities by facilitating access to resources.

Funds raised during our annual campaign currently support 52 human service programs which service people in need throughout greater McHenry County. These programs are offered through 26 agencies that partner with our United Way. These agencies cover a broad range of services including senior day care and nutrition programs, child care, scouting, counseling, delinquency prevention, and emergency food and shelter. In addition to funding these programs, United Way of Greater McHenry County continually strives to help find solutions to community problems.

Local People
More than 84,000 of our friends and neighbors were helped by United Way of Greater McHenry County partner agencies last year. That's one out of every four greater McHenry County residents.

Local Decisions
Each year, volunteers from throughout greater McHenry County evaluate the needs of our community, thoroughly review each agency and program applying for funding, identify which ones will best address those needs, and decide how available funds will be distributed.

Local Spending
When you give to our United Way, you can be assured that your donation is distributed carefully and locally. United Way makes sure that your contribution goes to the programs and services that help people in need in greater McHenry County. Ninety-eight percent of our net income is spent within greater McHenry County.

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The minimum donation is $10.
All donations are subject to a 3.99% transaction processing fee, $1 minimum.


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