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United Way of Wayne County’s business is community impact and is committed to improving the lives of people in our community by providing grants to high quality local programs in our community that make measurable impact in the lives of people affected by some of our community’s most challenging problems. Our work is focused in the areas of Education, Health & Wellness, Financial Stability and Community Responsiveness. Investing in solutions to improve the human condition; advocating for those in need; promoting volunteerism; and celebrating the strength of our diversity while conducting thorough reviews of each grant recipient organization to ensure program effectiveness and financial accountability is at the core of our work. Our impact work requires collaborating with many sectors of Wayne County; education; health; local government; nonprofits; faith based and the media. Working together, we can accomplish things that no other organization or individual can accomplish on its own. Through individual, corporate, foundation and employee gifts we garner financial resources to relieve suffering, help people, and give them opportunity, hope, financial security and safety. United Way of Wayne County concentrates on identifying critical community issues, and takes proactive approaches those issues resulting in long term benefits. As a result, United Way of Wayne County is improving the human condition through community engagement, advocacy, financial investments and celebrates the strength of our diversity. United Way of Wayne County has the fiduciary responsibility to ensure it invests donor gifts in programs of local non-profit organizations that address relevant social issues and challenges in our community, which will result in long-term, positive changes to the lives of people in Wayne County. In 2017 United Way of Wayne County began planning for the establishment of a Family Learning Center pilot program which will take a holistic approach to address early reading and learning challenges of children 0-3 years of age. Not only do children’s own perceptions of their abilities develop at an early age, but their ability to learn is determined largely by his or her ability to read. Children who read proficiently by the end of the third grade are more likely to succeed academically, graduate from high school. Planning for this program will continue into 2018. United Way of Wayne County is a community based organization, working in partnership with local non-profit organizations to strategically address many of our community’s social issues. United Way of Wayne County invested in 27 local programs with specific community goals aimed to improve the health and wellness of individuals, improve futures for children through success in education, increasing people’s ability to attain and maintain financial stability and respond to personal crises. United Way of Wayne County partners with local non-profits, which align with its strategic goals to improve the quality of live for individuals. Multi-year programmatic planning and funding is the most effective way to achieve measurable change by focusing time and attention on analyzing outcomes and evaluating impact throughout a three-year cycle. In 2018 UWWC began work on establishing a Family Learning Center by June 30, 2019, with a 2-Generational approach to serve the 0-3 age population and their parents. The economic benefits of early childhood investment are enormous, with returns amounting to $8.60 for every $1 invested. The advantages not only benefit children and their families, but the economy and society as a whole. UWWC also has included as direct service to the County the Read Wayne initiative. This is a community wide initiative joining families, educators and community partners to advance children's literacy from birth through the third grade. The focus of this initiative is to inspire and equip each child to read proficiently by the third grade. Reading proficiency lays an essential foundation for the development of a skilled workforce. The mission of United Way of Wayne County Inc is to increase the capacity of the people of Wayne County to care for one another by identifying human needs and supporting programs that have the greatest impact on improving lives. United Way of Wayne County is a community organization working in collaboration with local non-profits to improve the lives of people in our local community. Partnerships with local programs which meet established criteria of program accountability through outcome measurements and fiscal responsibility are supported by uniting people and resources to achieve the greatest impact on lives in Wayne County. All financial investments made to local non-profit programs is based upon program financial accountability and program effectiveness and direct alignment to UWWC strategic plan. Investing in solutions to improve the human condition; advocating for those in need; promoting volunteerism; and celebrating the strength of our diversity is United Way of Wayne County. Investor (Donor) designations to Community Partners (Agencies) is limited to the programs currently funded by United Way of Wayne County and are factored into the allocations by UWWC through our Community Investment process. A program will only realize any additional money if designations exceed the amount otherwise allocated by the Community Investment committee. 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